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Beyond Hispanic E-Tech 7.1 and Upcoming Shows
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Ethnic Technologies has a very busy month planned for October 2008.
Two New products, Asian Assimilation Indexes and E-Tech 7.1 have been in development over the past year and are ready to be released.
In addition two E-Tech team members will be presenting at the Beyond Hispanic Conference in Los Angeles, CA October 7th. And last but not least the E-Tech Team will be exhibiting at The DMA National Conference and Exhibition from October 11th through the 16th in Las Vegas, NV. Visit the E-Tech team at booth 709 and find out more about our new products. When you are speaking with your E-Tech representative please do not forget to pick up your E-Tech specials card.

Leading name research efforts has been a key strength of E-Tech for more than 30 years. E-Tech Version 7.1 now incorporates 5% more first names and 19% more surnames than E-Tech Version 7.0. E-Tech 7.1 brings increased Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA). We are now able to identify 5% more African Americans, more Hispanic individuals and a significant increase in Spanish language identification. With E-Tech Version 7.1 we have achieved match rates as high as 96%.

Assimilation is a level in which a Hispanic or Asian individual has adapted to our language and way of living. Ethnicity, language preference, education, income, socioeconomic status, dwelling unit size and enhanced neighborhood analytics are used as variables along with our expert system rules to match a Hispanic or Asian individual with one of our assimilation index codes. With each level of assimilation the individuals spending habits, socioeconomic status, communication preference and other lifestyle characteristics differ.
Below are the 4 new indexes of Assimilation E-Tech offers:

  • Assimilated, Speaks and Understands only the Prevailing Culture Language. (English Speaking Only)
  • Bilingual, Speaks Primarily the Prevailing CultureLanguage and still Understands Native Language. (Bilingual prefers English)
  • Bilingual, Speaks Primarily Native Language and Understands Prevailing Culture Language. (Bilingual prefers Native Language)
  • Unassimilated, Speaks and Understands only the Native Language. (Native Language speaking only)

Beyond Hispanic Conference – Universal City, October 7, 2008

“Beyond the Hispanic Marketing Boom: The Non-Latino Immigrant Market”

Come spend a few hours learning about the most educated and wealthiest segments of the American consumer market – immigrants from Asia and Eastern Europe. Leading experts will offer a comprehensive overview on demographics, psychographics, spending habits and brand preferences. Also included will be an overview of advertising spent in these ethnic communities including a discussion on what the leading financial, telecommunications and automobile manufacturers have been doing to make inroads into these consumers’ hearts.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 7, 2008 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Qualitative Insights Facility, 100 Universal City Plaza, Media Building North/CNBC Media Center 4505-2A , Universal City, CA 91608

For general information and registration, please visit:
For more details, contact Monica Villalobos @ 213-228-0300 ext. 325 or




The DMA National Conference and Exhibition

October 11th through the 16th

Booth #709

About Ethnic Technologies, LLC.

Ethnic Technologies, LLC is a direct marketing business solutions provider. The EthniCenter® is the result of over 30 years of continuous ethnic, religious and language preference research. E-Tech 7.1 allows clients to segment and enhance their database by ethnicity, religion, language preference and Hispanic country of origin more accurately and comprehensively than any other approach. The use of Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) technology in E-Tech Version 7.1 establishes an unprecedented level of granularity and completeness in the ethnic marketing industry. Clients also benefit from and acquire ethnic mailing, telemarketing and email lists for both the United States and Canada. The analytics department at E-TECH offers ethnic data appending services, models and mapping to provide businesses with an overview of new and existing markets. E-TECH’s Premium Product is a Hispanic and Asian Assimilation Indexes, which distinguishes individuals based on their level of assimilation within American culture.

Candace M. Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director at 866-333-8324 ext. 106 or:


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