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Connected: U.S. Hispanics are Mobile and Online
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The Hispanic market is growing online – fast. Although other ethnic groups are flocking to the Internet and cell phones, Hispanics in particular are accessing the web at the rate of over 1 million users every year. This means Hispanics are connecting twice as fast as the general market (14% growth vs. 7%). Plus, the growing Hispanic middle class (income of $50,000 +) is super connected with 88% of households online.

Hispanics are early adopters of mobile technology with 31 million mobile users. By age 15, over 60% have a mobile phone and by age17, it rises to almost 80%. This vibrant culture loves personal, instant communication.

Something else to consider, over half of all Hispanics are going online through their mobile phones. Mobile devices facilitate communication, entertainment and learning. These personal devices are becoming indispensable to the majority of Hispanics in the US and Canada. “Living a connected and spontaneous life is a fundamental Hispanic value and desire.” as one agency put it….

Hispanics of all ages are averaging an amazing 14 hours per day with an internet-based or wireless device; that’s almost twice the time as non-Hispanics.. However, Hispanics are “cord-cutters”– no landlines – preferring cell phone only use. It’s estimated that nearly half of the mobile users are CPO. Hispanics have developed a “relationship” with their mobile and/or online devices: It is their online communication and entertainment center.

Historically, the value-conscious Hispanic market often makes purchase decisions based on price. However, when it comes to technology, the opposite appears to be true. Hispanics are increasing use of online shopping with 53% of the market making an online purchase at least once a month . Additionally, almost all Hispanic users of Internet services check and compare prices online.

Culturally relevant and pertinent content, as well as language selection, is important to the Hispanic market segment. Roughly half of the Hispanics online prefer Spanish language access regardless of age and 40% of younger Hispanics (age 18-34) enjoy Spanish content. When provided with copy in both Spanish and English, many readers read both forms of copy. Entertainment has strong appeal; this includes sports – 37% listen to Internet radio vs. just 30% of non-Hispanics – and 36% of the Hispanic market downloads music vs. just 29% of non-Hispanics. The Hispanic consumer values content and will spend accordingly, thriving on “bite sized” entertainment. The Hispanic market has vast interests including; sports, fashion, retail, travel, financial, heath, technology and automotive.

Word of mouth, viral marketing is another key to successful Hispanic marketing; leverage this social networking opportunity and consumer language preference selections whenever possible.

Many Hispanics are small business owners and prefer carrying two mobile devices; one for work, one for personal use. The Hispanic landscape is less crowded, for now, but is expanding in scope and influence.

The opportunity for online and mobile is big, diverse, young and growing. Hispanics are eager to engage, now. They are responsive to multi-channel campaigns including out of home, direct mail, and call center as well as online. Tuning into the needs and desires of the Hispanic community yields exceptional results and nearly double that of any other market segment.

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