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Ethnic Technologies is pleased to announce the release of E-Tech Version 8.1
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South Hackensack, NJ — January 2013

The Global Leaders in Multicultural Marketing Research, Database Enhancements, Modeling and Analytics is pleased to announce the release of E-Tech Version 8.1.

While our software is already the best, our team has been working hard incorporating even more of the most up to date multicultural demographic information. On a typical national database, you will see the following substantial increases in your ability to market to individuals of the following ethnicities, representing billions of dollars in market share:

Comparison of E-Tech 7 Series Software Data to E-Tech Version 8.1

Hispanics + 7.5 % Increase

African Americans + 16.9 % Increase

East Asians + 8.3 % Increase

E-Tech Name Research:
Leading name research has been a key strength of E-Tech for more than 30 years. E﷓Tech Version 8.1 now incorporates 7.39% more First Names and 8.20% more Last Names than E-Tech Version 8.0. For unique First Name analysis, E-Tech 8.1 now has over 109,000 entries. On your database, one of these names can count for a single identification or thousands. The E-Tech Last Name tables now have more than one million entries.

E-Tech is More Than a Name System:
E-Tech has always been more than a simple Name System. Ethnic Technologies proprietary Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) uses granular, multi-sourced geographic information as well as other proprietary technologies to determine the ethnicity of what a simple Name System could only identify as multi-ethnic. When you are looking for that perfect target audience, “multi-ethnic” leaves you stranded like the generic “one size fits all” approach. For example, “Lee” is a multi-ethnic Last Name. E-Tech can identify a person named John Lee as Chinese, Korean, English or African American. This same technology is applied to more than 4,000 other shared Last Names in the E-Tech product.

The E-Tech Challenge Guarantee:

There is nothing we love more than to show people the powerful multicultural marketing capabilities of our product. Please contact us for a free analysis of your customer data and how we can help you reach the fastest growing, highest dollar value groups of people in the United States.

For more information, contact:

Karen Sinisi
Director of Sales and Marketing
Ethnic Technologies, LLC
Phone: (866) 333-8324 EXT: 117

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