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ETHNIC TECHNOLOGIES SALUTES WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH and pays tribute to the Nation’s oldest membership organization, The National Women’s Hall of Fame, dedicated to honoring and celebrating the achievements of distinguished American women.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal…”

With these words a dream was given life in historic Seneca Falls, New York, the Birthplace of Women’s Rights. Here, in 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (a Seneca Falls resident), Lucretia Mott and 300 other women and men held the first Women’s Rights Convention. The Declaration of Sentiments, modeled after the Declaration of Independence, was presented and passed by the convention.

Seventy-two years later in 1920, the 19th amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified, which gave women many rights, including the right to vote. It had been a long, hard fight by women and men who believed in the equality and rights of women. These resolutions included among other demands, that women have the right to vote. The struggle for women’s rights had begun.The women and men of Seneca Falls created the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1969, believing that the contributions of American women deserved a permanent home.

In 1979, after a major fundraising drive, the Hall purchased an historic bank building in the heart of the Seneca Falls Historic District, renovating it to house the Hall’s permanent exhibit, artifacts of historical interest, and offices.There have been 226 women inducted into the Hall. A national panel of judges, who represent many disciplines and fields of expertise, selects inductees. Inductees are both living and deceased, but all represent contributions of national and/or global importance and enduring value.

Ethnic Technologies, LLC has chosen to focus on one particular inductee, one who embodies the true spirit of Humanitarianism. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was named “the patron saint to immigrants” by Pope Pius XII in 1950. E-Tech recognizes the important impact that all immigrants have on our country, and additionally how crucial it is to identify and speak to members of all ethnic groups with cultural sensitivity and competency.St. Frances Xavier Cabrini practiced this every day in her lifetime, and because of her contributions many immigrants were given the chance to thrive in America. Here is more information about the life of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini:

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (known during her life as Mother Cabrini, was the first American citizen to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church)
July 15th, 1850-December 22nd, 1917
Year Inducted: 1996
Achievement in: Humanities/Philanthropy

Maria Frances Cabrini knew early in life she would make religious and humanitarian work her life’s mission.As her religious motivation came to fruition, Cabrini began teaching and working in orphanages, taking formal religious vows in 1877. Since no missionary order admitted women at the time, she then founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1880.As superior, she saw the new order grow rapidly to seven convents in as many years. Pope Leo XIII wrote that he found her “a woman of marvelous intuition and of great sanctity.”

In 1889, Mother Cabrini relocated to New York City at the direction of the Pope to minister to the growing numbers of impoverished immigrants, many of who were Italian, in American cities. For the next 25 years, she traveled throughout the Americas and Europe, founding convents, schools, orphanages and hospitals. In 1909, Mother Cabrini became a naturalized citizen, and in 1910 she was named superior general for life over the order she had founded. Pope Pius XII canonized her, the first American to become a Saint, in 1946. With amazing speed, she opened institutions in Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Paris, Madrid, Turin and London. Ultimately, she directed 67 houses, staffed by 1,500 nuns who aided the poor, the illiterate, the unskilled and the sick.

The Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago is named after her, due to her work with Italian immigrants in the location. It has since become a haven for underprivileged and poor people and the MSC sisters still work there. Cabrini College, in Radnor, Pennsylvania, also bears her name. The Cabrini Mission Foundation is an organization committed to advancing St. Frances Xavier Cabrini’s mission and legacy of healing, teaching, and caring around the world.

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