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News March 2006
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Throughout 2006, Ethnic Technologies, LLC will be exhibiting at the Kids Power Show in Orlando Florida, DMDNY, DMA National Show in San Francisco and quite few other Ethnic specific venues. Please stop by our booth to learn more about the exciting new product developments from your friends at E-TECH.

E-Tech Version 6.1 is ready for release.

Ethnic Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of E-Tech Version 6.1.

Those of you who have in-house installations or service bureau installations should be receiving the new version under a separate cover within the next week to 10 days. Those of you who have your files encoded with E-Tech may want to consider having the latest version applied to your files. Included with this release, Version 6.1 is rich in both the amount of new research and in corrections made to already existing research. We thank all of you who provided feedback that enabled these corrections to be made.

    • The surname tables now have 450,525 entries, an increase of 9,122
    • The unique first name tables now have 69,143 entries, an increase of 4,897
    • The language preference first name tables now have 67,873 entries, an increase of 1,736
    • The expert system rules now number 2,940 entries, an increase of 35
    • The middle name tables now number 233, an increase of 94.
      In Version 6.1, we have also addressed the many requests to solve the Non-Unique Surname Name phenomena. For example, the surname LEE if not identified by first name can be English, African American, Chinese or Korean. By identifying the dominant ethnicity within a Zip+4, E-Tech can now identify these individuals by their correct ethnicity.
    • Henry Lee in Zip Code 006031205 in Puerto Rico is probably Chinese.
    • Henry Lee in Zip Code 010602349 in Northampton, Massachusetts is probably Korean.
    • Henry Lee in Zip Code 010602352 also in Northampton, Massachusetts is probably English.
  • Henry Lee in Zip Code 199621325 in Magnolia, Delaware is probably African American.

In version 6.0 all LEEs were coded as either English or African American.
Our in-house testing resulted in an almost [92%] match-rate. Depending upon the nature of your files, you can expect a number that may be slightly higher or lower (plus or minus 2 to 3 percent). Due to the many updates we incorporated, the accuracy should improve as well.

E-Tech Data Analysis and Modeling Marketing Services.

E-Tech has developed data market analysis services designed to give marketers in-depth and up-to-date market intelligence. E-Tech’s data analysis services encompass the creation of predictive models which can be used to indicate acculturation level, credit worthiness, lifestyles, and purchasing behavior.

E-Tech’s data analysis reports are generated from our 112 million household enriched database featuring demographic and pyscographic variables including E-Tech’s proprietary gender, religion, language, and country of origin encoding. E-Tech’s data analysis reports are driven by real-time data reflecting over 95% of the US households. Therefore, it provides highly reliable market metric indicators.

Our customizable reports are available on a census tract, zip code, MSA, and county level featuring demographic and psycographic data elements.

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