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Super Bowl 50 Ads and Diversity: A Perspective by Ethnic Technologies
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What Do Super Bowl Advertisers Get that Hollywood Doesn’t?

Ethnic Technologies’ Director of Sales Karen Sinisi was recently asked by USA Today to provide an opinion on “What Do Super Bowl Advertisers Get that Hollywood Doesn’t?” for a timely article to coincide with the Big Game.

Ethnic Technologies is the leading provider of multicultural marketing information to the Fortune 500 to help them reach Hispanic, African American and Asian customers.

In the article, “Super Bowl Ads Put Diversity on Display,” by Charisse Jones, Karen Sinisi said “Super Bowl advertisers get that as the face of America changes, so must marketing tactics. Advertisers know the importance of speaking to the fastest growing segments of our population.”

Ms. Sinisi’s full opinion went on to say: “Marketers understand that promotion by the most popular entertainers and sports figures means they will reach the most critical trend-driving group: Multicultural Millennials. For companies that don’t have $5 million dollars for just the airtime for a Super Bowl ad, being able to accurately and directly reach Multicultural Millennials is what Ethnic Technologies does during the other 364 days a year with a much higher Return on Investment (ROI). Advertisers remain on the cutting edge of relevance in marketing in today’s American landscape not just on Super Bowl Sunday, but throughout the year digitally, direct, with addressable TV and through our mobile devices.”

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“I was honored to be a part of a distinguished group of multicultural marketing thought leaders quoted in such an important article from USA Today,” said Ms. Sinisi.

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