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Amalia Tsiongas stays up to date on Ethnic Marketing through the study of Greek
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Ethnic Technologies is always looking for ways to stay in the front of ethnic marketing.  Our team member Amalia Tsiongas has written about her experience studying the Greek language to better help in her study of ethnically unique and multiculturally sensitive names:

My father and his family are originally from Greece.  In August 2015 I traveled to Greece to participate in two weeks of intensive Greek language study at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Through the connections I made during my stay, I was introduced to Anna Patsoni, a Greek linguist who earned her degree at the university.  Since my return I have continued my Greek language study through specialized one-on-one instruction from Ms. Patsoni over Skype.

This opportunity to learn about my roots and about the language and culture of my family demonstrates thought leadership and helps to strengthen our team of culturally sensitive ethnic experts.  Providing our clients with multicultural marketing solutions that are specific to the Greek community is key in burgeoning international markets like Canada, Brazil and Australia.  In addition, a knowledge of Greek provides invaluable insight into the roots of many popular first names, for example: Stephen, Alexander, Christopher, Andrew, Zoe, and Melissa, meaning continued improvement to our flagship product.

Amalia Tsiongas
Senior Product Design Strategist

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