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E-Tech is recognized for their Multicultural Marketing Expertise
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Ethnic Technologies,LLC. is recognized for their Multicultural Marketing Expertise and is asked to speak on the topic at 2 venues.

Contact: Rachel Wilhoit, Ethnic Technologies,LLC.
Phone: (201) 440-8923 ext. 121

Candace Kennedy speaks at NYU Multicultural Marketing Class, “Ethnic Marketing: How to Target the Multicultural Consumer”

New York, NY, May 15, 2009—Candace Kennedy, Director of Sales and Marketing spoke to a marketing class hosted by NYU. Lisa Skriloff, who is president of Multicultural Marketing Resources, teaches the class. Ms. Kennedy will speak on how to properly reach your target market within the Multicultural market place. “It is important to teach the new generation of marketing associates how to better reach the expanding multicultural population.” says Ms. Kennedy. “I am very honored to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others in the industry.”

Candace Kennedy and Loretta Poggio to speak at ExL Pharma Multicultural Marketing Strategies for Life Sciences

Princeton, NJ, May 19, 2009 – Candace Kennedy, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Loretta Poggio, Sales Consultant, spoke at the ExL Pharma Multicultural Marketing Strategies for Life Sciences Conference.

“We are proud and honored that Candace Kennedy MBA and Loretta Poggio PHD
are recognized as key thought leaders with in the Multicultural Marketing Arena” Said Zack Wilhoit CEO of Ethnic Technologies. “Ms. Kennedy’s lecture at the NYU class and both Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Poggio’s presentation for the EXL Pharma Conference in Princeton further establishes the team at E-Tech as the thought leaders in Multicultural Marketing and Targeting.”

About Multicultural Marketing Resources:
Multicultural Marketing Resources (MMR) is a public relations and marketing company that represents corporations with multicultural and diversity news and the nation’s leading experts in marketing to Hispanic, Asian American, African American, women, and other cultural markets. We also represent minority- and women-owned businesses and specialize in promoting multicultural marketing news.

About ExL Pharma:
ExL Pharma, a division of ExL Events, Inc., is an emerging leader in developing innovative, educational events that serve the healthcare community and allied professionals. Behind our diverse conference portfolio, our experienced team conducts extensive market research and targeted outreach. The results translate into innovative, high-quality conference events designed to exceed the dynamic informational needs of the healthcare community.
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