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Ethnic Technologies announces the release of E-Tech 2016
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Ethnic Technologies announces the release of E-Tech 2016


January 7, 2016 – South Hackensack, NJ

Ethnic Technologies, the Global Leader in Digital Multicultural Marketing, Research, Database Enhancement and Analytics is pleased to announce the release of E-Tech 2016.

The company’s industry leading software product now incorporates new multicultural demographic products and features:

Trinidadian  E-Tech 2016 introduces Trinidadian, an additional Caribbean market segmentation.

South African Segmentation E-Tech 2016 offers more granular segmentation in the southern region of Africa, including a new designation of Afrikaner.

E-Tech 2016 will also remain the premium vehicle for additional Ethnic Technologies products such as:


  • Hispanic Connected
  • Hispanic Assimilation
  • Asian Assimilation
  • Affluence
  • Gender


In addition, E-Tech Canada is now being deployed via stand alone software licenses to many of our partners.


The E-Tech Challenge Guarantee:

There is nothing we love more than to show people the powerful multicultural marketing capabilities of our product.  Please contact us for a free analysis of your customer data and how we can help you reach the newest, fastest growing and highest dollar value groups of people to market to in the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc.


For more information, contact:
Karen Sinisi                                                                                    Lisa Radding
Director of Sales and Marketing                           or                      Director of Research
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