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Ethnic Technologies Director to Speak at Prestigious International Conference
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Ethnic Technologies Director, Lisa Radding, will speak at the Annual Meeting of the International Congress of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) in Glasgow, Scotland at the end of August 2014.  Ms. Radding’s presentation, “Marketing Software: Environmental Complications to Predicting Ethnicity with Onomastics”, will help international academic and business leaders understand how names, cultural and geographic information help predict multicultural marketing decisions, a strength of Ethnic Technologies’ products.

Ms. Radding explains, “I’m excited to contribute to the international discussion in Onomastics.  Through this conference, Ethnic Technologies’ unique abilities and methods will reach a wider audience and experts in related research endeavors will also share their insights.”  Ms. Radding believes that these important research interactions improve E-Tech’s ability to analyze names in relation to ethnicity and supports Ethnic Technologies entire suite of products.

“Ethnic Technologies’ Thought Leadership is clearly expanding Internationally”, said Zack Wilhoit, Ethnic Technologies’ CEO.  “In addition to our continuing rapid growth in the United States, Ms. Radding has helped lead our growth in Canada, Brazil, Australia and the United Kingdom.  We could not be more proud of Lisa being chosen by the International community to present at this Prestigious Conference.”

For more information, contact:

Karen Sinisi
Director of Sales
Ethnic Technologies
Phone:  (866) 333-8324 Ext 117

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