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Ethnic Technologies, LLC announces release of E-Tech Version 8.0
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February 8, 2012

The Global Leaders in Multicultural Marketing Research, Database Enhancements, Modeling and Analytics is pleased to announce the release of “ E-Tech Version 8.0

In addition to the improvements listed below, E-Tech 8.0 incorporates proprietary geocoding reference files which include but are not exclusive to the latest 2010 Census. Version 8.0 provides 9.98% more African American name research overall, 5.4% additional Asian name research and 4.8% more Hispanic Last Name research than the industry-leading E-Tech Version 7.3. On a national database of over 180 million records this accounted for an increase of 12.66% African Americans, 8.31% Asians, and 8.96% Hispanics.

E-Tech Name Research

Leading name research has been a key strength of E-Tech for more than 30 years. E﷓Tech Version 8.0 now incorporates 7.08% more First Names and 7.64% more Last Names than E-Tech Version 7.3.For unique First Name analysis E-Tech 8.0 now has over 102,000 entries. On your database, one of these names can count for a single identification or thousands.Our Last Name tables now have over one million entries. Many of these last names are governed by geographic information using our ENA generator and other proprietary engines.

E-Tech is Greater Than a Name System

E-Tech has always been more than a simple Name System. As a front-runner in the use of Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA), Ethnic Technologies uses granular geographic information gathered from the latest 2010 Census and other proprietary sources to determine the ethnicity of what a simple Name System could only identify as multi-ethnicWhen you are looking for that perfect target audience “multi-ethnic” leaves you stranded at the generic “one size fits all” approach. For example, “Lee” is a multi-ethnic Last Name. E-Tech can identify a person named John Lee as Chinese, Korean, English or African American. And similarly for over 4,000 other shared Last Names.Additionally, here’s why a 7.08% increase of First Names is important:Unlike other systems, First Names in E-Tech 8.0 do not always determine an endgame by themselves. For example, any “Name System” can determine that “Mohammed” is a Muslim name. But what is Mohammed’s ethnicity? Is he Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or African American (Black Muslim)? With the application of all of E-Tech’s components and, in particular, E﷓Tech’s unique geocoding engine, 8.0 predicts accurately Mohammed’s ethnicity.

You Asked, We Listened

Responding to the needs of the E-Tech User’s Group, 8.0 adds two new African American Ethnicities: Haitian and Jamaican.
Group Codes have changed as well to better reflect the geographic location of a person’s original ethnicity. Asian American 1, Asian American 2 and Asian American 3 are now more accurately described as East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian and Central Asian. Caribbean Non-Hispanic has also been added for the convenience of customers who would like to choose from those ethnicities. For easy reference for customers who prefer Group Codes over particular Ethnicities, 8.0 has also isolated Hispanic as its own Group Code.

About Ethnic Technologies:

Ethnic Technologies, LLC is the Global Leader in Multicultural Marketing, Research, Data Enhancement, Segmentation and Modeling Analytics. The EthniCenter ® from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous multicultural, religious and language preference research. E-TECH’s Multicultural Ethnic, Language Preference and Degree of Assimilation selects outperform the competition in accuracy and response rates time after time. Whether using the data for mailing, telemarketing, email campaigns or modeling, the same excellent results have been achieved.
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