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Ethnic Technologies Releases E-Tech 5.2
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For Immediate Release
May 25, 2004 DMD New York Conference & Expo
Contact: Candace Kennedy
Phone: 866.333.8324
Ethnic Technologies Releases E-Tech 5.2

If Ethnicity is part of your Marketing Mix, then E-Tech 5.2 is the answer. E-Tech 5.2 spans the cross-cultural gap. Specializing in language preference, ethnicity, and religious preference for direct mailing lists, e-mail lists, and telemarketing lists. E-Tech 5.2 can identify individuals who speak Arabic or Zulu, Spanish or Hebrew and well as over 80 other languages, including Farsi, Swahilli and even English. Created by the Originators and Developers of Ethnic, Religious, and Language Identification Target Marketing, Ethnic Technologies goes to great lengths to identify all ethnic groups beyond current marketing interests.

E-Tech 5.2 is a rule based system for first names, surnames, surname prefixes and suffixes, and geographic criteria to identify the ethnicity, religion, and language preference of an individual. We identify over 175 Ethnic Groups, over 80 Language Groups and 10 Religion Groups. Ethnic Technologies‘ comprehensive analysis results in a higher match rate and a higher degree of accuracy, as well as a broader and more precise breakdown of ethnic/religious/language preference classifications. E-Tech 5.2 encodes lists of either individuals on a residential file or a business file and supplies separate codes for ethnicity, religion, and language preference. Competitors may use approaches similar to E-Tech’s or they may use simple geo-coding systems but their results are nowhere near as robust as E-Tech 5.2.

To “Connect with Success and Target with Accuracy” contact our Sales and Marketing Director, Candace Kennedy at Ethnic Technologies toll-free at 866.333.8324 or by E-mail: Contact.

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