Digital Engagement

Are your customers young? Urban? Affluent? Hispanic? Demographic differences impact how individuals – your customers – buy products and whether their behaviors can drive additional product demand.

Digital Engagement is Ethnic Technologies’ tool that will highlight the likelihood of an individual to engage digitally with whatever it is you’re selling.

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There are many multicultural insights that comprise this product such as Ethnicity, Language Preference and Affluence that are paired with Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) demographics such as age and digital coverage to properly predict an individual’s propensity to engage mobilly as opposed to purchasing items from a brick and mortar business.

Nevaeh Thompson from Bronx, New York, for example, may be less likely to walk into a store to purchase an item than Peter Sorensson in Lindsborg, Kansas, who likely never opens an app to do his shopping.

Digital Engagement enables you to enhance your customer profiles with deeper insights into buying patterns.

Demo available upon request.