E-Tech Solutions

Our software is unique and innovative, predicting Ethnicity, Religion, Language Preference and other demographics based on names and geography only.

It’s really that simple.

With over 180 ethnic groups and more than 80 languages identified on our database, our products are multi-dimensional and comprehensive, delivering accurate predictions of individuals with whom you’ll be engaging. They’ll be happy you did.

Use E-Tech’s Solutions in any industry.





Suitcase and camera representing the travel industry that uses Ethnic Technologies’ products




A hand of cards representing the gaming and casino industry that uses Ethnic Technologies’ products

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How To Work With Us

Whether you are looking to enhance your own database through our extensive encoding capabilities or are looking to prospect to future clients, we are well equipped to help you reach your niche market.

Our E-Tech software can append our unique ethnic variables onto an existing database. Either you can send your data to us or we can license the software to you, to install at your facility.

Ethnic Technologies can help you reach your key market even if you don’t have your own database. Our Multicultural Lists are available for rental and can greatly increase your marketing capabilities. Ethnic Technologies’ database contains hundreds of demographics alongside our proprietary E-Tech software to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely.