Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases. Do women make up the majority of your audience?

The G-Tech product is Ethnic Technologies' gender identification technology.

Ethnic Technologies’ G-Tech product logo for gender

It offers higher coverage and more nuanced identification than any other gender prediction product on the market.

G-Tech goes beyond predicting that the name Sarah is female and Matthew is male. The researchers at Ethnic Technologies use their expertise in ethnicity and culture to contribute genders of names that aren’t run-of-the-mill in the United States and Canada, making it an extremely comprehensive product.

In addition to the Sarahs and Matthews of the world, G-Tech can predict Olufemi as being male and Khouloud as being female. Furthermore, G-Tech can identify gender through the lens of ethnicity and language. For example, Jean Edwards is female and Jean Boileau is male.

G-Tech enables you to reach product purchasers with relatable, personalized messaging.

Demo available upon request.