Hispanic Connected

If Hispanics overwhelmingly interact with or purchase your product or service, then consider expanding that universe with our Hispanic Connected tool.

E-Tech Hispanic Connected deduces that a non-Hispanic individual may be closely tied to the Hispanic ethnicity from a few real life circumstances.

E-Tech Hispanic Connected product logo

For one individual, that could mean that they’re related to a Hispanic person, either through family or marriage. If someone named Jennifer Aronow married someone named Diego Correa, the likelihood of Hispanic culture being a part of her daily life would increase.

Another connection to the Hispanic ethnicity could be an individual living in a highly Hispanic neighborhood, allowing for close contact to Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language.

Finally, an individual can be “connected” by having a surname that is overwhelmingly used by Hispanics or is closely rooted to Hispanic surnames – think Portuguese or Italian surnames.

While E-Tech doesn’t predict these individuals to be Hispanic, the intersection of their lives with Hispanic culture and the Spanish language make this group great candidates for your Hispanic marketing initiatives.